Kuniko Obinata

TOKYO, Japan, September 2010 – Dentsu Public Relations Inc. has announced that its employee and two-time Paralympic Games gold medalist Kuniko Obinata is retiring from international races. Obinata, 38, discussed her decision to retire from the Ski Association of Japan for the Disabled alpine skiing national team at a press conference held in Tokyo on September 2. Backed by Dentsu PR, her new ambition is to encourage coming generations of athletes to succeed by participating in domestic races.

“I’m delighted to have this chance to help foster enjoyment of sports and I’m excited by my new role at Dentsu PR,” Obinata says. A five-time paralympian and winner of two gold, three silver and five bronze medals, Obinata, will continue serving as an officer of the Japan Paralympic Committee and assistant chairperson of the Paralympians’ Association of Japan.She will also continue to promote the advancement of sports for the disabled through speaking engagements and other activities.A valued Dentsu PR employee since 2007 Obinata intends to use her experience and knowledge as a paralympic athlete, to provide sports business and social business consulting services. When combined with the agency’s nearly 50 years of PR consulting experience and know-how, these will bolster the firm’s sports and social business domains.The sports business domain includes consulting and solutions services such as promoting sports for the disabled, communications activities for corporate teams and sports associations, and media training for athletes. As a consultant, Obinata will provide consulting and solutions services related to universal design for companies and sports associations.


Kuniko Obinata’s biographical details
April 1972 – Born in Tokyo
April 1992 – Entered Chuo University School of Law
March 1996 – Graduated Chuo University School of Law
April 1996 – Entered Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
June 2007 – Entered Dentsu Public Relations, Inc.
Currently employed in the Crossmedia Communications Department, Communication Design Division


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