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    Urgently seeking!

    We are currently seeking an English speaking PR account executive.
    If interested, please complete the form below and apply.
    Please note we could only accept those who currently live in Tokyo.

    Job description:

    Planning and execution of PR projects for Japanese and international clients (in cooperation with both internal and external team members)

    • ・Marketing PR (Launching new products, promoting existing products etc.)
    • ・Corporate PR (Reputation management, issue/risk management, PR surveys etc.)
    • ・Digital PR (Website building, social listening, video content creation etc.)
    • ・Client PR project presentations and consulting
    • ・Cooperation and coordination with Dentsu group companies as well as overseas and domestic partners
    • ・Preparing PR project reports
    • ・Account management (budget development, billing etc.)

    Key features:

    • ・Opportunity to participate in high-profile PR projects as a member of the Dentsu group
    • ・Excellent employee development system offering many learning opportunities (including both in-house and external training)
    • ・Comprehensive benefits package (discounts for movies, restaurants, hotels, gyms and more)
    • ・Involved with overseas projects (Europe & Asia)
    • ・Potential opportunity for overseas business trips
    • ・Relaxed atmosphere
    • ・Office will be relocating to the Shiodome City Center in September (2-3 minutes on foot from JR Shimbashi Station)

    Type of employment:

    Full-time or Contract


    Negotiable, based on experience

    Company Benefits:

    • ・Performance review once a year
    • ・Bonus paid twice a year
    • ・Severance package
    • ・Employee stock ownership system
    • ・Build-up savings
    • ・Resort house
    • ・Congratulatory and condolence money

    Required skills and experience:

    • ・Business level Japanese and English (Both Japanese and English natives are welcome to apply)
    • ・Over 1 year of experience as a full-time employee in a PR agency or a company’s PR division

    Ideal candidate is...:

    • ・Curious and willing to gain new knowledge and information from a variety of fields
    • ・Able to communicate well and good at negoating
    • ・Interested in working with various industries/fields projects

    Dentsu Public Relations Inc.,a pioneer in the field in Japan, has been supporting Japanese and foreign clients to communicate more effectively with their stakeholders for over 50 years since its inauguration in 1961. Its workforce of 271, including consultants with expertise in fields such as social media and digital marketing, is ideally equipped to provide a fully comprehensive service, from strategic proposals to specialized solutions.

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