Public relations Q&A

This section answers common questions and concerns on PR issues encountered by employees who are already engaged in PR-related work. Please use it for your reference.

Product promotion, etc.Product promotion, etc.

Product promotion, etc.

  • We would like to promote a product for which its effectiveness and efficacy cannot be openly assured and advertised.

    Healthcare, medical

  • We would like to discover the basics of using web media-based PR activities.


  • We would like to raise awareness about certain social issues and address them through movements.

    Public affairs


Corporate public relations


By industry

  • We would like to carry out strategic PR activities when launching new products and services.


  • We would like to convey our company’s proprietary technology that is not yet widely known around the world.


  • We would like to carry out PR activities in the fields of health, medical care, and long-term nursing care.

    Healthcare, medical

  • We would like to educate citizens and the public about new legal systems and policies, and build consensus.

    Government, administrative agencies, municipalities

  • We would like to collaborate with the industry to eliminate assumptions and misunderstandings about products and services.

    Industry groups, associations

  • We want to establish a university brand to become a "chosen university".

    Universities, educational institutions