Financial communication

Communication measures that influence corporate value in the finance field

Service overview

The importance of proper corporate valuation and communication

We provide various communication measures to optimize corporate value while forming a positive reputation.

  • For the protection of corporate value

    The Corporate Governance Code was adopted in June 2015 under the leadership of the Financial Services Agency and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As Japanese companies’ low ROE (return on equity) compared to foreign companies is of more importance than ever before, the market demands a capital-return type financial structure. In addition to this, dialogue with shareholders, appropriate information disclosure and the transparency of companies are required, making communication with stakeholders even more important.
    This program provides communication measures that influence corporate value in the field of finance, involving areas such as M&A anti-takeover communication, response to general meetings of shareholders, communication at the time of an initial stock listing/withdrawal, messages from the president for each IR activity (financial interim/results briefing, medium-term management strategy briefing), and corporate message construction, etc.

  • Disseminating company appeal and developing strategies for growth

    Financial communication is truly an information struggle, as it involves the interests of many stakeholders on matters such as partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, defense strategies, business withdrawals, new business development, management plan announcements, financial results announcements, restructuring, and general meetings of shareholders. Rather than only disclosing information, to obtain the support of more stakeholders, close communication involving the appropriate dissemination of accurate information according to the stakeholders is essential. In financial communication, it is also important to build relationships with analysts and the media (securities department/finance) in order to accurately convey the financial status of the company. PR Consulting Dentsu provides support through scenarios and strategy formulation for growth, instead of only appealing facts about company efforts to market stakeholders.
    Our financial communication provides support with corporate and IR activities from a communication viewpoint, aiming to help each stakeholder form a strong reputation and optimize corporate value by communication measures considering market trends and the external public relations environment.

  • Business integration/M&A and anti-takeover communication/corporate governance

    In the midst of the various rumors and speculations that circulate in the market, communication strategies are indispensable for M&A, which involves the interests of many stakeholders on matters such as partnerships, mergers and acquisitions/takeover defense, etc.
    In Japan, major shareholders suffering damage due to falling stock prices are focusing more on management than ever before. With the rise of activists, the corporate governance environment surrounding companies is also changing. Corporate communication to gain the understanding and approval of diverse stakeholders, including employees, business partners, and customers, is more important than ever before.



  • コミュニケーション


    ・IPO communication
    ・Support with general meetings of shareholders
    ・Communication for individual investors

  • 情報発信

    Information dissemination

    ・ Business integration /M&A and anti-takeover communication
    ・ Support with medium-term management plan measures
    ・ Media training assuming economic programs (top message verification)

Strengths of PR Consulting Dentsu

Financial communication support through a wide range of programs

PR Consulting Dentsu offers various programs to support corporate financial communication activities, such as media training for top management, IR activity advice throughout the year, tool creation and creation support, etc.