CSV/CSR/SDGs/ダイバーシティ&インクルージョン CSV/CSR/SDGs/ダイバーシティ&インクルージョン

Diversity & Inclusion

The core of social communication

Service overview

Become a company that effectively creates a sustainable future

We provide one-stop support from strategy formulation to policy development for communication aimed at corporate growth along with addressing social issues such as the realization of the SDGs.

  • Backtracking from the desired future to identify actions to take

    A company/organization will not survive or be evaluated by external stakeholders unless it thinks about the sustainability of the earth and society and implements changes to solve social issues with its business such as through realization of the SDGs.
    A backcasting approach that involves backtracking from the desired future to identify the actions to take is effective for addressing and achieving the SDGs, which are universal indicators aimed at achieving a sustainable society.
    We provide one-stop support from strategy formulation to policy development for the transition to corporate management that solves social issues by backtracking from the desired future and initiating new social innovation through collaborative creation.

  • Evaluating the current situation and planning the next move

    We evaluate current CSV/CSR communication activities (stakeholder surveys, verification against guidance documents such as ISO26000, etc.) and formulate public relations strategies based on the current CSR vision and activities. We provide solutions according to current issues and target stakeholders. (Promotion of internal and external communication tools such as CSR reports and web content, events, publicity activities, etc.)


Strengths of PR Consulting Dentsu

Backcast-type corporate branding that backtracks from the ideal future to improve corporate value

1. Clarification of the ideal future
2. Analysis of the current situation and extraction of important issues (materiality)
3. Creation of communication concepts and goal setting
4. Development of communication that increases empathy through actions which engage people inside and outside the company