Deregulatory policy means patient data can be used without the individual's consent

The Cabinet has approved a policy to establish a legal system that will allow pharmaceutical companies and others to use patient data without the consent of the individual. Secondary use for public interest purposes will not require the consent of the individual, and instead, the government is considering strengthening the screening process for use of the data.


Electric scooters can be used without a license

Electric scooters have been categorized into the new framework of “special small motorized bicycles” with the enforcement of the revised Road Traffic Law on July 1. While a driver’s license is no longer required for use, “identity verification” is now mandatory, and foreigners have been able to use them since July.


Japan leads international AI rulemaking, seeks endorsement beyond the G7

Hideki Murai, Advisor to the Prime Minister, expressed his intention to share the G7 common action guidelines to countries outside the G7 regarding the formulation of international rules for AI, taking place under Japan’s leadership. He specifically outlined the guidelines based on the Leaders’ Statement and stressed the importance of clarifying the responsibilities of each country in addition to the rule of law, human rights, and a fair society. Murai recognized the importance of finding commonalities among the approaches of different countries and forming mutual guidelines.