'Shelters are needed,' Shelter parliamentary group makes recommendations

The Shelter Parliamentary Union has drafted a proposal for the development of shelter facilities to be used in emergencies. In light of the developments in North Korea, the group called for “the development of shelters where people can stay for a certain period of time as facilities to protect themselves from missile attacks and artillery bombardment.” As of 1 April 2022, of the 94,424 evacuation facilities designated under the National Protection Act nationwide, over 40% are school grounds and wooden facilities, and 1,591 (1.68%) are underground facilities. There is an urgent need to develop solid evacuation facilities.


LDP proposal, accepting foreign high-level human resources "should be addressed through the tax system"

On 25 May, the LDP’s New Capitalism Implementation Headquarters compiled a draft proposal on growth strategies. It refers to the expansion of the acceptance of high-level foreign human resources and stresses the importance of creating an environment in which overseas talent, including international students, can find employment smoothly in Japan. It also called for strengthening the development capacity of generative AI and proposed that Japan should take the lead in creating international rules on risk.


Shinjiro Koizumi appointed secretary-general of the LDP Surfing Parliamentarians' Federation

A general meeting of the LDP Surfing Diet Members’ Federation, formed with the support of LDP members, was held on 7 June to promote marine sports as a healthy and safe activity favoured by the public at large. Koizumi Shinjiro was newly appointed as secretary-general. The meeting was held to elect new board members, report on activities, and exchange views on various topics ranging from further widening awareness of surfing to the issue of sponsorship for surfers.