PR Consulting Dentsu Inc. (PRCD), Japan’s leading public relations consultancy, was awarded the Gold rating from PRIDE Index 2023 for the company’s efforts to promote inclusion of LGBTQ and other sexual minorities (LGBTQ+) in the workplace. This marks the third consecutive year the company has participated in the evaluation and received the recognition.


1. Policy
2. Representation
3. Inspiration
4. Development
5. Engagement/Empowerment

Over the years, PRCD has conducted LGBTQ+ seminars for employees, training for HR personnel, employee awareness surveys, set up a consulting hotline with a legal specialist and partnered with General Incorporated Association Famiee to offer pro bono support to increase awareness of different family styles such as same-sex marriage.

In 2022, employees formed a company-sanctioned ally network and brought onto its board an LGBTQ+ advisor, conducting workshops and leveraging email newsletters to raise awareness.

This year, PRCD updated the family benefits and welfare programs to include same-sex partners. Additionally, the company shared guidelines for LGBTQ+ guidelines and Coming out during hiring interviews with employees.

PRCD President and CEO Masahiro Makiguchi said, “I am honored that activities we consistently conducted along with other group companies were awarded the Gold rating. We will continue to create a working environment and company culture where everyone can be themselves and realize their potential, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

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