Tokyo, April 1, 2010 – Out of a total of 222 employees at Dentsu Public Relations, 71 have been certified PR Planners by the Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ). The number represents approximately one-third of the company’s workforce and is by far the largest among any public relations consultancy in Japan. Successful PR practitioners excel in a wide variety of skill sets including media relations, marketing communications, IR, digital communications and crisis management.

As part of a company-wide endeavor to ensure that Dentsu Public Relations consultants are fully proficient in these vital skills, the agency has been encouraging employees to achieve PR Planner certification. Certification recognizes professionals who demonstrate competency in the areas of publicity and public relations, and ensures they have the necessary knowledge and planning skills to develop and implement successful campaigns.

Introduced in 2007, the certification program is open to PR people working at both agencies and corporations. As of today, 749 PR Planners have been certified through this program throughout Japan. “With 71 PRSJ-certified staff, we have the most of any single company,” Dentsu PR President Shigeki Ishimatsu comments. “With our consulting expertise and our dual bases in Tokyo and Osaka, Dentsu Public Relations will continue to offer clients top-of-the-line PR support.”

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Dentsu Public Relations has been Japan’s largest public relations agency since its inauguration in 1961. As a pioneer in the field in Japan, the company has been helping Japanese and foreign clients communicate with their critical stakeholders, namely consumers, governments, investors, employees, and communities. Headquartered in Tokyo with a branch in Osaka, Dentsu PR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dentsu Inc.
71PRSJ-certified consultants at Dentsu Public Relations More than any other agency in Japan | PR Agency in Japan Dentsu Public Relations

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