Tokyo, Japan (Sept. 20, 2018) – Dentsu Public Relations Inc. announced the results of the 2018 Attractiveness Branding Survey conducted by its internal think tank, the Corporate Communication Strategic Studies Institute (CSI). The findings offer insights into what makes companies attractive to the Japanese public and how those features are communicated. Conducted in July this year, the survey collected responses from 10,000 participants aged 20-69 from across Japan.

The annual survey, first conducted in March 2016, analyzes companies’ attractiveness branding proficiency according to the three elements of Human-Level Attractiveness, Financial Attractiveness and Product Attractiveness. Covering 200 companies across 20 industries, the 2018 survey was the most comprehensive to date.

“The survey shows that consumers’ favorable reaction to companies is built on facts rather than simply perceptions,” said Akihiko Kuroda, chief researcher with the CSI. “We are transitioning into an age when the corporate brand is no longer founded on corporate image, but on realities at the human, financial and product levels.”

In addition to the results announced in this release, the study surveyed the channels by which consumers obtain information on companies, what attractive aspects they expect to see from companies, and their awareness and expectations in regards to SDGs. The survey will continue to be conducted annually.



Corporate Communication Strategic Studies Institute (CSI)

A research group headed by Kentaro Miura, established in December 2013 within Dentsu Public Relations Inc. The CSI conducts surveys, research and analysis of corporate communication strategies and frameworks, in collaboration with management and communication specialists including university professors and researchers.

Dentsu Public Relations Inc.

Since its founding in 1961, Dentsu PR has served as strategic partner to a diverse range of companies, governmental bodies and other organizations. Over 270 employees provide clients with comprehensive reputation management solutions, creating new value and building advocacy through approaches including data analysis, insight-driven content design, and targeted information delivery. Dentsu PR was recognized by the Holmes Report as Japan Consultancy of the Year in both 2009 and 2015, and as North Asia PR Consultancy of the Year in 2018.