Why Choose Us

PR Consulting Dentsu can help you strategize, customize and deliver your communications message in Japan and around the globe. Our clients include Fortune 500 and Nikkei 225 index companies, start-ups, domestic and foreign government organizations, and academic and industry associations. As one of the very few PR agencies with a branch office in Osaka, PR Consulting Dentsu also supports numerous clients in the Kansai area. Through the Dentsu Group and partnership with the MSL Group, our clients have access to not only expert consulting services in Japan, but a worldwide support network.

Twelve reasons to choose PR Consulting Dentsu

  • ・Sixty years of accumulated experience since its founding
  • ・100+ certified PR planners supporting clients
  • ・Member of the Dentsu Group, the largest communications agency group in the world.
  • ・Offers comprehensive communication strategies, one-stop service
  • ・A vast network connected to key media, thought leaders and other influencers
  • ・Provides nationwide PR services together with our Osaka branch
  • ・Multiple-time domestic and international PR award winner
  • ・Information security measures (Acquired ISO 27001)
  • ・Acquired ISO 14001 as part of its own CSR initiatives
  • ・Extensive media list and database (updated list of 15,000 contacts)
  • ・Extensive global network consisting of various overseas agencies including MSL Group.
  • ・High retention rate which enables long-term relationships with clients