Japanese government targets six-fold increase in hydrogen supply by 2040 with investment of JPY 15 trillion

The Japanese government will revise its Basic Hydrogen Strategy to include a new hydrogen supply target of 12 million tonnes per year by 2040, six times the current level. A total of 15 trillion yen will be invested in decarbonisation by the public and private sectors over the next 15 years. The revised proposal targets a 10% share of the global market by 2030 for water electrolysers, which produce hydrogen from water. It will also create a supply chain, including transport and the construction of industrial complexes.


Providing false information could lead to suspension of social media services

The LDP’s Rulemaking Strategy Parliamentary Group has announced that it will compile a proposal by mid-April calling for the creation of a system that would consider suspending services if false information is confirmed to have been transmitted, with the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok in mind. The aim is to check the behaviour of app operators by indicating the possibility of suspension. Currently, the use of TikTok in Japan is only restricted for official terminals that handle sensitive information.