Anonymized medical information and test values to support research and development

On March 3, the government approved a cabinet decision on a draft amendment to the ‘Next-Generation Medical Infrastructure Law’ to utilize medical information for research and development. Test values such as weight, height, blood pressure, lipids, etc. can be provided to companies and research institutions in a form that does not identify individuals in order to help develop treatments and drugs, and some intractable diseases can also be clearly indicated without withholding the name of the disease. Information is limited to government-approved businesses and research institutions, and patients are notified in advance of data utilization.


National Renewable Energy Council established

On February 16, volunteer members of the Liberal Democratic Party launched a Diet Members Caucus to promote domestically produced renewable energy and held the inaugural meeting in the Diet. Founded by Prime Minister Kishida, Vice President Aso and others, it is an alliance that supports technological innovation and utilization of next-generation solar cells, floating offshore wind power generation and other technologies.