Government Considers Proposal to Support Startups through Tax Incentives

It has been revealed that the national government will be considering the expansion of tax incentives in the 2023 tax reform as part of a larger set of measures to support startups. The government has also announced its intention to create a five-year plan for the development of startups, with Prime Minister Kishida moving forward to expand the support system via steps such as appointing Minister in Charge of Economic Revitalization Daishiro Yamagiwa to the newly-created post of Minister in Charge of Startups.


Japanese Government Eases Pre-entry Test Requirement for Visitors

Prime Minister Kishida held a press conference and announced that, effective September 7, the daily arrival cap on foreign nationals entering Japan will be raised from the current 20,000 to 50,000. He also announced steps to further ease border control measures, such as allowing entry to tourists on self-guided tours from any country.

Having imposed the strictest border control measures among the G7 countries, Japan experienced failure in attracting foreign tourists by limiting entry to only visitors on guided group tours. Further steps, such as the waiving of the visa requirement for visitors to Japan, are sought.