Tokyo, Japan (May 29, 2020) – PR Consulting Dentsu is excited to announce the launch of a new English-language sister site aimed at a global audience.


The new site, intended to complement the existing English website, seeks to further communicate the strengths of PR Consulting Dentsu to stakeholders around the world. Expanding on the foundation of our unique guidebook Communicating: A Guide to PR in Japan, this new online resource will feature expert insights and understanding built up over almost 60 years at the forefront of PR in East Asia.


Regular content will include blogs, staff interviews, and analysis of current and future trends in Japan and beyond. With the global communications ecosystem in the midst of unprecedented change, we hope that this new site will provide a wealth of useful and enlightening information, not only for current and potential clients,
but for all those with an academic or professional interest in PR in Japan.


Check out the new site for yourself at: