Newman and Chikami

TOKYO, June 2014 – Dentsu Public Relations, Inc is partnering with Stand Consulting, a Tokyo-based coaching business led by Martin Newman, recognized leader in the art of public delivery, to jointly offer presentation training for Japanese executives who want to communicate more effectively with overseas stakeholders.

Aimed at reinforcing the global business communication capacity of Japanese companies, the agreement concluded earlier in May offers busy corporate executives either an intensive training course before a crucial business meeting or public announcement, or a basic program structured to improve overall performance.

“Our partnership with Martin Newman and the Stand Consulting team serves to enhance the English language ‘Public Speaking’ part of Dentsu PR’s Leadership Communication Program, a highly successful program offered since November 2012 that so far has enabled over 100 Japanese business leaders to communicate more effectively,” Dentsu PR President and CEO Takehiko Chikami said.

UK-based Martin Newman, 50, has gained global renown as the public speaking coach to whom world leaders turn when their messages must engage, persuade, and motivate diverse audiences. Among those benefiting from his instruction have been British Prime Minister David Cameron and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

Newman’s coaching of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bid team is also credited with persuading the International Olympic Committee to choose Sochi to host the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. More recently he was active in Tokyo’s successul bid for the 2020 Olympic Summer Games.

Employing his “Personal Impact” method – a perceptive analysis of individuals’ approaches and attitudes – Newman enables people to effectively project a positive impression on others.

For this venture, Stand Consulting is teaming up with Dentsu PR’s strategic communications consultants and a number of advisors to provide high level coaching for a range of presentation-related skills such as voice projection, English pronunciation, body language, intonation, eye contact and use of gestures.

Dentsu PR’s Leadership Communication Program focuses on providing training to improve public speaking skills, especially in terms of delivery, for situations such as press conferences and interviews, which require executives to address company stakeholders, both internal and external. Those joining the training can also receive support in English language public speaking as well as in speech writing.

“On the one hand Japanese companies are becoming more globally active, yet due to the spread of social media the words and actions of company CEOs and other executives are scrutinized increasingly closely,” Dentsu PR’s Project Manager Junko Okamoto said.

“This state of affairs has prompted Dentsu PR to boost its service to a more global scale, providing solutions for executives wishing to brush up their communications skills, whether they are aiming to raise employee morale, promote understanding among shareholders or seize the initiative in international negotiations,” Okamoto added.

Package Program Overview

*A flexible program customized to fit needs of individual companies.

1) Basic course:

Content: Medium-term presentation skills coaching and personal impact training course, without a specific presentation in mind.

Schedule: From 4 x half-day (2-4 hour) sessions over 1-3 months
2) Short-term intensive course:

Content: Fast and effective training targeted towards speaking at specific events such as an upcoming press conference for a new CEO appointment.

Schedule: From 3 x half-day (2-4 hour) sessions over 1 week approx.


Dentsu PR Leadership Communication Strategy Team Overview

Featuring a former national newspaper journalist among others, Dentsu PR’s specialist team commands a wealth of media-related experience, using their knowledge of top executive communication to advise on issues such as creating impactful messages and effective communication techniques.

About Dentsu Public Relations

Since its founding in 1961, Dentsu PR has provided support for a wide range of domestic and foreign companies, governments and organizations, as a strategic partner to enhance relations between clients and stakeholders. Its 235 employees, including specialist consultants in fields such as social media and digital marketing, enable the company to offer comprehensive support, from strategy proposals to creative solutions, in the areas of marketing and corporate communications.
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