Tokyo, November 19, 2012 – Dentsu Public Relations Inc., a Japanese leader in delivering successful communications messages for clients for over 50 years, is launching a unique service to help active and aspiring business executives, politicians, academics and anyone addressing audiences to communicate more effectively.

Commencing on November 19 Dentsu PR’s “Leadership Communication Program” offers integrated training for Japanese and non-Japanese presenters to enhance the communication skills required for speaking before large audiences in various situations, such as presentations, speeches or conferences. “This is the first time a Japanese PR company has offered such a service focused on public speaking,” said Dentsu PR President and CEO, Takehiko Chikami. “We’re confident that the experts we have assembled to teach this program will enhance the verbal communication skills of all participants – regardless of their prior public speaking experience.”

With the help of a top class team of advisors featuring Japanese public speaking guru Yosuke Kageyama, business psychology expert Akira Ito, and former newspaper journalists, participants will learn comprehensive communication skills comprising language, performance and engaging an audience.

Public speaking in particular calls for a diversified approach in terms of tone of voice, use of gestures, eye contact, and stance on the platform or stage. How something is said is as crucial as what is said, and the all-round improvement method Dentsu PR’s specialist team teaches is a characteristic of this program.

For non-Japanese executives of foreign-owned companies or organizations, understanding Japan’s characteristic communication culture is especially important. Dentsu PR also provides coaching for their top management on delivering speeches and presentations to a Japanese audience.

Besides lectures on Japan’s customs, culture and the composition of the media, participants are also taught communication skills for business success in Japan – from message creation to delivery methods. The practical training can be applied to communicate with all kinds of stakeholders, including employees, media and clients. For non-Japanese speakers, lectures are conducted in English on a one-on-one basis or to groups.


Overview of Program Packages

1. Year-long Program      From 5 million yen to 20 million yen (including survey/analysis fee)
“Displaying leadership through all forms of communication” – How to influence people through speech
–  Speaking to employees
–  Speaking to clients
–  Press interviews and conferences
–  Communicating with stockholders
–  Product presentations
–  Speech training through effective use of enunciation, eye contact, facial expressions, posture, gestures, props and slides


2. Half-day Intensive Program From 1.5 million yen

“Leadership-enhancing communication” – How to captivate and influence people through speech
–  Essentials of leadership communication
–  Knowing your own bad habits
–  Knowing the impression you project to others
–  Examples of success
–  “Image strategy formulation” based on analysis of personality and company/job characteristics
–  Non-verbal practice techniques
–  Verbal practice techniques
–  Concept, message advice


3. Group Training Program From 600,000 yen

“Psychological techniques to boost impression and persuasive abilities for leaders”
— How to captivate and influence people through behavior and speech–
–  Essentials of public speaking
–  Examples of success
–  Communication awareness
–  Self-impression check
–  2 keys to creating a good impression
–  Techniques to project earnestness
–  Techniques to project strictness
–  Techniques to express kindness and warmth


4. Optional Program

–  Training for public speaking in English
–  Training for negotiating in English
–  Correspondence lecture: Advice through recorded video
–  Individual lessons on speech writing through Skype
–  Speechwriter training program
–  Stage direction


Instructor Profiles


Akira Ito Doctor in Psychology. Representative Director of Tokyo Shinri Consulting Inc. After graduating from the School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, Akira Ito worked for communications giant NTT  before obtaining a Doctorate in Social Psychology from the Graduate School of Human Relations, Keio University. He was a university lecturer before branching out independently. The author of more than 80 books – led by bestseller “Psychological Warfare,” which sold 700,000 copies – he has also been published in Korea, China and Taiwan. His current activities are mainly in the areas of business training and consulting where he advises a wide range of people and industries, from new company employees to executives. Akira Ito not only offers up psychological theories but also conducts training programs on making good impressions and on the techniques of persuasion and high level public speaking methods.

Dentsu PR Launches “Leadership Communication Program”Service also available for non-Japanese top management personnel | PR Agency in Japan Dentsu Public Relations


Yosuke Kageyama
Speechwriter, public speaking coach, stage director, speech critic, management consultant.

A former pupil of Bungakuza director Tetsuo Arakawa, while at university Yosuke Kageyama studied Acoustics, Phonetics, Psychology and Neuroscience before undertaking postgraduate studies of Speech and Hearing Science, as well as drama, at Illinois University, USA. Currently, he is active as a public speaking coach (for lectures, speeches and presentations). Focusing mainly on those in leading positions, such as company managers, administrators, politicians, NPO representatives, and as Chairman of the Japan Junior Chamber, Yosuke Kageyama provides a wide range of public speaking support, covering everything from formal situations like lectures, press conferences and international meetings, to more private occasions such as morning pep talks and wedding speeches. In 2011, his book, “Public Speaking: Communication techniques for influencing people” (NTT), achieved Books Tokyodo’s No.1 ranking.

1005okamoto-150x150Junko Okamoto Emerson
Senior Consultant, Dentsu Public Relations

Junko Emerson has expertise in both the strategic planning and execution of public relations campaigns. Specializing in developing top quality communications plans for domestic and foreign clients desiring to build or strengthen their brands in Japan, she has developed expertise in the area of media training for top management and trained numerous executives, both in Japanese and in English. Prior to joining Dentsu PR, Junko Emerson was  a business reporter at the Yomiuri Shimbun – where she worked for more than ten years – and a visiting scholar in the Comparative Media Studies program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA.  She also earned her master’s degree from the University of Cambridge in England, and received her bachelor’s degree from Waseda University in Japan.


About Dentsu Public Relations Inc.

Dentsu Public Relations Inc., a pioneer in the field in Japan, has been helping Japanese and foreign clients communicate with their critical stakeholders – namely consumers, governments, investors, employees and communities – for 50 years since its inauguration in 1961. Providing a comprehensive range of communication services, Dentsu PR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dentsu Inc. Dentsu PR is headquartered in Tokyo with a branch in Osaka and is ISO 14001:2004 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified. For more information about Dentsu Public Relations Inc., please visit

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