Risk/Crisis Communications

Dentsu Public Relations was the first public relations consultancy in Japan to establish a special team to undertake crisis communications activities on behalf of clients.
Since inaugurating the service, Dentsu PR has helped numerous foreign companies operating in Japan cope with emergencies, including product recalls, illegal waste dumping, and Internet-driven slander.


When incidents and accidents occur, it is important to respond to the media promptly at the very first stage.
The response will greatly affect social evaluation of, and public opinion about, the company or organization.
The mass food poisoning incident of leading food manufacturers in 2000 brought into stark relief the fact that skill in crisis management can mean the life or death of companies.
After that we saw a number of incidents in quick succession such as fatal accidents in railway companies, or incidents of falsified food products.As a result, the Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) was established in 2009, and since that time surveillance of companies and organizations has become increasingly severe.
In March 2011, Japan was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and people came to realize that crises resulting from natural disasters are something that can happen to any company or organization. Many corporations, including foreign companies based in Japan, revised their BCP (Business Continuity Plan) after the earthquake.
Our crisis management team is made up of senior professionals including former reporters of nationwide newspaper and major news agencies, and PR Planners accredited by the Public Relations Society of Japan.
We have experience in supporting companies that face compliance violation issues, food poisoning, and product recalls, and lately have also been supporting companies with social media flaming issues.


  • Crisis management capability diagnosis
  • Preparedness planning
  • Simulation Training
  • On-site crisis management support
  • Risk assessment
  • Monitor and modify messaging Update crisis manuals, etc.

Key business areas

Emergency assistance
When incidents or accidents occur, companies will be under pressure to respond to the news media, and will also need to come up with an appropriate explanation to society in general.
In the case that a press conference is held, there is a short period of time to compile information. Along with issuing a public statement, it is necessary to discover facts, define operational measures, and implement measures to prevent recurrence.
It is important to prepare for crises, but when they unfortunately do occur, we are ready to support you in tackling the crisis with our experienced staff with backgrounds in major media companies who can help to minimize loss of confidence in the company and financial loss, through the whole process from the outset of the emergency to the initial press conference.
Simulation Training
The training sessions offered by Dentsu PR’s crisis communications team involve lectures that elucidate what crisis communications involves, simulation exercises to prepare clients for times of crisis, and media training to illustrate how best to deal with inquiries from the Japanese media. Numerous foreign executives have found Dentsu PR’s media training sessions especially beneficial.

Strengths of Dentsu PR

  • Extensive experience
  • Ability to correspond to the new media environment
  • Data based on our own research, such as our "Crisis Management Capability Survey"
  • Deep knowledge of the media