Public Affairs

Strong government relations can be crucial for your business in Japan. The COVID-19 crisis has further highlighted this fact. The government seeks to adapt to the new normal through regulatory harmonization and reforms that have recently paved the way for advances including online medical consultations, online shareholder meetings, and alignment of shipping guidelines.
With extensive experience, knowhow, and network, Dentsu PR is ideally positioned to support your activities.

Public Affairs in Japan

To make your public affairs activities successful in Japan, you must take into account the unique aspects of the political system:

  • ・Japan’s legislature, the National Diet, consists of two elected chambers: the 465-member House of Representatives (lower house), and the 248-member House of Councilors (upper house). The 700-plus lawmakers are responsible for the proposal, review, and passage of legislation.
  • ・Executive power lies with the cabinet, consisting of ministers appointed by the Prime Minister.
  • ・The Diet operates according to a majoritarian system and is currently led by a coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and Komeito. Other than two brief periods (1993–96 and 2009–2012), the LDP has held power almost continuously since its formation in 1955.

To promote legislative change or budget allocation, it is essential to align with the political calendar.

Formally, draft laws may be submitted by either the cabinet or by individual lawmakers from both Upper and Lower Houses. However, the vast majority of bills ultimately passed into law are submitted by the cabinet.

How a Bill becomes a Law: A glance at the Japanese legislative process

Though Japanese law prohibits the existence of professional lobbyists, as in most other markets your public affairs program should include the identification and analysis of stakeholders, and the building of relationships. In addition, to achieve your goals, it is especially important to develop an understanding of government priorities, as well as links with persons of influence.

Our Approach to Public Affairs

Dentsu PR employs a dual-focus approach to public affairs, shaping both public policy and public opinion through three key steps:

  • ・Proposing the creation of social value
  • ・Gathering supporting evidence
  • ・Fostering engagement

What we Offer

Dentsu PR offers a wide range of services to help achieve your public affairs goals.

Our track record in Public Affairs

Dentsu PR’s comprehensive services covering all stages of shaping public opinion and public policy have assisted both private companies and public agencies in achieving their pubic affairs goals.