Owned Media/ Content Creation

We support any company to become publishers of their own message.

PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned) Media

Owned media, among other types of media, is where the message you want to convey is delivered directly to the target.
We have won many national and international awards in the past for the planning and production of owned media, and we can create relevant and engaging content for the target audience.
Dentsu PR is a pioneer in the Japanese market, and we can propose for our clients, content that is relevant and meaningful to the Japanese target audience.


Owned media includes company brochures, newsletters, product catalogues, and web-sites.

These types of owned media are platforms that can convey the corporate brand message directly to the target audience.

In today's society where we are drowning in an overload of information, the message you want to convey must be delivered through a relevant channel and the content must be relevant to the target audience. We help our clients achieve that.


Company brochures
We create a company brochure that can be used, not only for your business, but also for the new graduate hiring briefings that are major personnel opportunities in Japan, with company facts, business overview and easy-to-read summary explaining clearly the strengths of the company.
As one of the most important tools of branding, our ultimate aim is to improve the corporate image.
PR magazine
We produce PR magazines to be delivered directly to the target audience in order to encourage a deeper and wider understanding of a company’s products and services, and to update them on industry information and trends.
Today, stakeholders are becoming ever more diverse. At Dentsu PR, we can build - in multiple languages - a platform to deliver information about the corporation and the brand.
In addition, we offer support on operational aspects even after building the website, such as site analysis and SEO.
Visual images, movies
We make any kind of movie from short movies including viral videos to feature-length films of more than an hour’s duration according to your purpose.
Internal newsletter
From the point of view of internal branding, we produce internal newsletters targeting employees of Japanese subsidiaries and/or employees of local group companies, to enhance their communications, and the value of the company and brands.
For multinational companies, we can also produce internal newsletters in multiple languages targeting regional employees.
Company History
We publish company histories as anniversary mementos that can be a part of your company’s branding efforts, aimed at both internal and external stakeholders.
Fact book
To promote understanding of the industry that you belong to, and position your company as an industry leader, we publish fact books that include information about the current state of the industry, and include statistics and other relevant data.
CSR report
We localize your CSR report for Japanese market as a tool of dialogue with all local stakeholders
At times of organizational change, such as during mergers and acquisitions, we help to build a new corporate image, from creating the idea to design unification.
PR character
We develop and advise on effective use of brand characters to convey the brand.
We produce manuals for compliance and crisis management.
Commercials (CMs)
We create commercials that can be amplified through a variety of media to spread the information you want to disseminate through a variety of media.

Key areas

Owned media is a platform for brand content. By editing and transmitting engaging stories and visual content that is relevant to the audience, we enhance their engagement with the brand.

Owned media allows you to demonstrate thought leadership and promote your products and brands. Dentsu PR analyzes the various issues you face, and the opportunities before you, and provides consulting in such a way that owned media can be fully leveraged for your communication goal.

Strengths of Dentsu PR

Dentsu PR has an excellent track record in the creative arena, and won the International PR Association’s "Golden World Award", and the Japan PR Association’s "PR Award Grand Prix".

In winning these awards, the publications we created were judged as best-in-class for their design, content and editing.

We provide multilingual and multicultural support for your owned media platform and content.