Media Relations

We understand the unique Japanese media landscape and ever-changing media situation.

Like any other country, the Japanese media landscape is unique and PR practitioners need to understand the rules and manners of Japanese media relations.
We provide media relations strategies and solutions according to your specific goals taking into account the external environment and the media environment.


Major differences in the structure of the media in Japan and overseas can present daunting obstacles to foreign firms. Successfully working with Japan’s plethora of ‘press clubs’ and the system that dictates how news is packaged and distributed demands the services of media specialists. As the country’s most experienced PR consultancy, Dentsu Public Relations enjoys unparalleled access to the Japanese media. Moreover, as a member of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, we handle communications with Tokyo-based foreign media too. Rely on Dentsu PR to deliver to the media in Japan.

Media Relations: how we go about it


Foreign firms entering Japan frequently rely on publicity materials that are inappropriate for Japan and a Japanese audience. Distributing Japanese translations of head office media advisories is ineffective. Dentsu PR provides clients with media tools that are expertly written and produced for a Japanese audience. We also design and conduct surveys that will attract media attention, packaging the results as press releases to generate publicity.

PR Wires (distribution of press releases by wire)

In conjunction with leading wire service Kyodo News Agency, in 2002 Dentsu PR invested in Kyodo News PR Wire, a new service that disseminates client press releases reliably, quickly, and cheaply to the Japanese media. Through affiliations with major foreign newswire services, Kyodo News PR Wire also facilitates the distribution of press releases to media outlets worldwide.

Media training

In extensive lecture sessions, Dentsu PR’s media relations professionals - including former reporters of Japanese nationwide newspapers and news agencies - offer instruction to executives and spokespeople on dealing with the Japanese media. We also conduct and videotape simulated one-on-one interviews and press conferences to train clients in how to formulate culturally appropriate responses to reporters’ questions, providing clients with a detailed assessment and giving tips on their performance afterwards.

Media audit

Dentsu PR media relations staff maintain close links with key journalists, writers and producers, seeking advice on an ongoing basis on how to improve a client’s media profile. Through lengthy interviews Dentsu PR audits the media’s view of the client – their image, accessibility, and positioning among competitors. We then use the results to suggest where changes to the client’s PR strategy might be beneficial.

Media Monitoring

In addition to conventional press cutting, Dentsu PR also provides an electronic monitoring service, the EL-NET (Electronic Library). With this service, clippings are delivered to clients every morning via fax or over the web exactly as they appear in the media. Dentsu PR also offers a service called iClips that monitors technology-related websites.

Key areas

We develop media relations strategies for client’s public relations projects and themes taking the external and media environment into consideration.

In line with the PR plan, we hold press events and press conferences, and at the same time, build good relationships with the media in order to get maximum publicity at these press events.

Strengths of Dentsu PR

The various types of media today—including news media, social media and owned media—are interlinked, forming an information supply chain. Nowadays, this chain is rapidly developing into a comprehensive infrastructure.

At Dentsu PR, we have the skills to ensure the most efficient and effective distribution of information, based on our knowledge of how a particular type of information will spread when released through the right channels.