Issue Management

Communication solutions for the ever-changing social and business issues confronting your organization.

Our specialized team of PRSJ accredited PR planners, former journalists and experts with experience in different businesses will help you tackle any issue.

Issues management in Japan

In Japan as well as other advanced economies, the manner in which an organization conducts itself is coming under increasingly close scrutiny from regulators, business partners, consumers and shareholders. Companies ignoring important issues relating to their business and regulatory environments risk damage to their reputations that can threaten an organization’s very existence.

A leader in issues management in Japan, Dentsu Public Relations is a pioneer in being one of the first agencies to provide communications services solutions for clients aiming to position themselves as good corporate citizens amongst Japanese audiences

As elsewhere, corporate compliance has come to gain the same importance in Japan. Organizations are required to develop compliance programs, appoint executives to take responsibility, and to promote awareness of their corporate governance policies not only in-house, but to outside publics as well.

Outline of service areas

  • ・Changing acts and ordinances as a result of government growth plans and/or deregulations.
  • ・Changing business rules such as ISO standards and/or social norms.
  • ・New business ventures, structural change, overseas expansion and changes to the market environment.
  • ・Changes to stockholder and management structure such as public listing, consolidating into a holdings company, management integration, and personnel changes in top management
  • ・Socialized media, changes in consumer opinion and company reputation

Our accurate assessment of social trends enables us to provide total support for stakeholder and media relations in order to better community engagement.

Our specialized issues management team is here to help you tackle on any problem.

Issues Management

Dentsu Public Relations’ strengths

Specialized issues management team

  • ・Our highly specialized team composed of experienced and certified PR planners from diverse backgrounds such as former journalists from newspapers or news agencies, survey specialists, policy makers, and experts from the pharmaceutical, IT and auto industries provide optimal support for all of your organization’s needs.
  • ・Our team works closely with various legal and accounting offices, influencers, government, NPO, media and foreign public relations agencies to provide total support for all social and business issues.
  • ・Our award-winning campaigns have been recognized by PR industry peers both at home and overseas.

Issues management cycle

  • ・First, in order to accurately manage an issue an 1) Accurate analysis of the situation to determine its essence and effect on stakeholders is critical. Working closely with a diverse network of influencers we will determine the precise nature of the issue.
  • ・Our specialized issues management team will identify the relation between the issue and all parties involved in order to 2) Propose effective countermeasures.
  • ・Dentsu Public Relations’ strengths lie not only offering advice but also in providing support to 3) Execute plans.
  • ・4) Evaluate results for measures implemented and 5) Adjust strategy as necessary.
  • ・Our issues management cycle provides a one-stop solution for issue control.

Issues Management

Issues management work areas

  • ・Problem brainstorming for ICT government / presentation support for deliberation council
  • ・Advocacy communications regarding deregulations / promoting revised tax system / interaction support with influencers
  • ・Local consensus formation for installation of large scale equipment
  • ・Lay foundation for successful NGO and corporation collaboration
  • ・Establish and operate third-party organizations for disease awareness
  • ・Support stakeholder relations for foreign pharmaceutical corporations
  • ・Risk management for new drug launch
  • ・Support for drafting medium-term management plans, external press conferences and internal infiltration protection measures
  • ・Analysis of gaps between the internal and external perceptions in medium-term management plans and directional planning
  • ・Support for business strategizing and content development for external press conferences
  • ・Year-round support for core message development, such as appointment of new president and public speaking engagements
  • ・Message development and media training for executives at non-Japanese corporations
  • ・Management and public affairs strategy consultation for establishing a holdings company
  • ・Policy formulation to increase company value for an IPO / branding activities support
  • ・Communication support for acquisition of Japanese corporations
  • ・Strategic proposal and execution for communications related to integrated management
  • ・Public relations support for shareholder meetings and proxy fights
  • ・Scenario proposal and training in order to smoothly execute shareholder meetings