Internal Communications

Employee Engagement

Employees are corporate ambassadors. They represent your corporate brand. The perception employees have of their company influences the company’s corporate brand and reputation. Communication during mergers, acquisitions, workforce reductions and other significant changes is especially important as these events shape the perception of employees. We at Dentsu PR help manage your company’s reputation and enhance your brand within your organization.


For foreign firms especially, multi-dimensional internal communication initiatives are necessary: top management vs employees and global headquarters vs local office. PR managers must deliver the message and vision of global headquarters to local employees while fully engaging them, as well as enhancing communication between expats and locally hired managers.

Intercultural Communication Programs

It cannot be emphasized strongly enough that all aspects of internal communications should be localized for Japan. This is not only a matter of language but of culture and customs. These affect corporate communications, and should be respected if global brand strategy is to succeed.

Key areas

  • We help create smooth internal communications in the following ways by:
  • Conducting a survey among employees to find if there is any perception gap between employees and employers and analyze the findings
  • Establishing guiding principles for the company, establish the company vision, and create slogans for new enterprises
  • Helping to improve the leadership communication skills of management
  • Speechwriting for CEOs and senior management
  • Planning and implementing employee events (kick-off parties, awards ceremonies, sports meets, etc,)
  • Planning internal branding campaigns
  • Planning and implementing CSR programs (volunteer schemes, etc.)
  • Building intranet for internal communications
  • Creating employee engagement tools
  • Producing training and educational materials (videos, posters, logos, characters, etc,)

Strengths of Dentsu PR

Dentsu Public Relations won Golden World Awards for Excellence twice for internal communications campaigns and our planning and solutions are highly regarded not only by clients but by industry peers.