What we doHealthcare and medical communications

As Japan’s population continues to age, the disease structure has shifted from infectious disease to life-style-related diseases, and the conditions faced by the medical and healthcare sectors are also undergoing major changes. This is accompanied by paradigm shifts — such as from disease treatment to prevention, or from “hospital-centered medical care" to "local community-oriented medical care" — that bring new stakeholders into focus. In the run up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, hopes are high for the realization of a barrier-free society. Against the backdrop of such broad societal change, long-established players in the medical and healthcare field are being joined by new contributors from such diverse areas as food, sport, and information and communications technology. What role can communications play in an age of such monumental transitions? Thanks to our wide-ranging client portfolio, we are able to offer comprehensive support, from marketing to corporate communications.

Our strength

Bringing fresh insights to a range of fields

Companies [Pharma]
:Launching new drugs; Disease awareness; Promoting drug compliance; Risk communications from side effects/adverse reactions; Patient advocacy.
Medical Equipment
:Pre- and post-approval promotion strategies, PR of early adopters
:Awareness campaigns and promotional activities for Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare initiatives
:PR for “Foods for specified health uses,” “Foods with function claims, and evidence-based health claims
Nursing homes
:Planning business strategies, Development of CI, VI
Professional organizations
:Event management targeting general consumers, opinion surveys, advocacy communications
Medical facilities
:Building PR strategies, Planning PR programs for community medicine, PR for hiring new personnel

Relationships with stakeholders

We engage in trust-based collaborations with a wide range of stakeholders, including doctors, academics, pharmacists, dietitians, care managers, patients’ associations, and regulators.

A diverse range of services for the medical and healthcare field

Health awareness campaigns/ PR strategy proposals (based on research & analysis) / Working together with patients’ associations / Bringing together opinion leaders / Educational campaigns for functions and elements of products / Speech training for doctors/ Production support in making presentation materials/ Launching websites/ Doctors/KOLs relations/ Alliances with healthcare related organizations/ Planning and organizing press conferences/Press seminars/ Advertising/advertorials/ Production of PR materials/ Crisis communications