Financial Communications

The importance of appropriate corporate valuation and communications

Starting from June, 2015, Japan’s "Corporate Governance Code" was brought in as an initiative of the Financial Services Agency and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Accordingly, "dialogue with shareholders", appropriate "disclosure" and " transparency" are now required more than ever in Japanese market, and this has increased the importance of communications with stakeholders.

We provide assistance with M&A takeover defense communications, communications around shareholders' meetings and at the time of IPOs / delisting, communications around various investor relations (IR) activities (results briefings, interim management strategy briefings), for messages from the President and other corporate messages, and for any kind of financial communications that have the potential to influence corporate value.


Any kind of financial communications in situations where the different interests of large numbers of stakeholders interplay can become information warfare.

This includes such financial communications as those for alliances and mergers, acquisitions and defense strategies, business retreats, new business developments, business plan announcements, earnings announcements, restructuring announcements, and shareholders' meetings.

Financial communications is not just a matter of simply disclosing information. In order to build the engagement of as many stakeholders as possible, it is necessary to finely hone communications, delivering accurate information through appropriate means to stakeholders.

In financial communications, to accurately convey the financial results of companies, it is important to build relationships with analysts and the financial media.

Dentsu PR not only conveys the efforts of companies to the financial community, but also creates scenarios for sustainable growth, and communication strategies.

We support company’s financial communications, from a communication point of view, and support our clients to achieve a high reputation among stakeholders, and to optimize corporate value.

① Current situation analysis ② Strategy building ③ Preparation ④ Execution


  • IPO communications
  • Support around general shareholders meetings
  • Communications aimed at individual investors
  • Management integration / M&A, takeover defense communications
  • Support around medium-term management plans
  • Media training for financial television programs (top management message creation)

Key areas

Management integration / M&A · takeover defense communications / Corporate governance

A relevant communications strategy is essential in cases such as alliances, mergers, acquisitions or takeover defenses where there are many stakeholders and diverse interests intercrossing each other, and where various rumors and speculation can flood the market.

Moreover, major shareholders, who want to protect themselves against suffering damage from falling stock prices, and activist investors, both have a greater role than ever in putting pressure on management and influencing the decisions of management these days, in Japan too.

Gaining the understanding and positive evaluation of stakeholders, including employees, business partners, and customers, as well as interest groups, can have a major impact on the corporate communications of the company.

Financial Communication

We offer total support for financial communications for companies including for IPOs, shareholders meetings, interim financial results briefings, and all the information disclosure that must be undertaken by listed companies.

Simply disseminating facts about financial information or company efforts will not lead to observers being able to see the company’s own vision or growth trajectory.

We offer a variety of programs that can help you create a relevant message, and built around the issues you most want to convey.

Strengths of Dentsu PR

We support company’s financial communications with a wide range of programs.

Dentsu Public Relations offers a large selection of programs to support the financial communication activities of companies including media training for top management, advice on IR activities throughout the year and support in creating communication tools.