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Consulting & Solutions provided by our PR event planners

We can meet all your event needs leveraging our accumulated know-how from managing more than 500 PR events per year.


We define “PR event” as an event targeting media. PR events do not have their main purpose in the implementation of the event itself, but as a means for communicating widely what the event was about.

At our company, we run a lot of PR events as an effective means of information dissemination targeting the media.

For example, it is a great opportunity for PR when new products or campaigns are introduced, or when a new facility is completed. By generating earned media at the time of the launch, we can greatly increase the effect of mass advertising and create buzz.

PR events are different to ordinary BtoC consumer events in that the venue settings and the operation and production of the event are all aimed towards being an opportunity for the media and influencers to disseminate information.

Additionally, we support our clients to sponsor events and leverage these opportunities to engage the target audience.


  • Marketing PR events
  • Corporate PR events
  • Healthcare and Medical PR events
  • Influencer/blogger events
  • Sponsorship, etc.

Key areas

Marketing PR events
PR event management, including launch of new products/services, new characters, and announcement of new commercials.
Corporate PR events
Managing events connected to corporate PR such as announcement of new CEOs, and new corporate identity announcements.
Healthcare and Medical PR events.
We conduct educational seminars for healthcare/medical experts, influencers and medical journalists aimed at conveying the effectiveness and efficacy of products like pharmaceuticals, Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU or tokuho in Japanese), health food and pharmaceuticals medical equipment, etc. that come under the Act on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Regenerative and Cellular Therapy Products, Gene Therapy Products, and Cosmetics (formerly the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law).
We also support PR for events that our clients sponsor.

Strengths of Dentsu PR

Dentsu PR won international awards in event/sponsorship categories multiple times with our creative event planning. We plan PR events based on a careful media audit so that our events are conducted with the media’s perspective in mind.

No matter how great an event might be, it is meaningless if we cannot provide the media with the stories and visual content that they want. These have a significant effect on the quantity and quality of the subsequent media exposure.

In addition, if the planning and production content is not appealing, it will be difficult to get the media to turn up in the first place.

When we run PR events, we do everything from the initial planning and media audit to gathering insights, and creating a relevant PR strategy that incorporates both the perspective of the media and the points that the client wants to include.

PR events leveraging celebrities

In PR events in Japan, there are many cases where celebrities appear who are affiliated to talent agencies.

In those cases, there are certain rules and manners in doing PR events in Japan that must be properly understood.

In the event that a celebrity belongs to a talent agency, no PR event itself can be realized at all unless we clear with the agency all of the fine details such as the overall plan, the content of talk shows, and verify which media the celebrity can appear in.

At Dentsu PR, we have worked on countless PR events and have solid know-how for any event situation.

Professional staff to produce PR events

We have specialist PR event staff. Every year, we produce over 500 PR events, and we are able to plan and direct events from the accumulated know-how we have from our past experience in event management.

We at Dentsu PR can provide the best in class solutions not only for BtoC companies but also for government agencies, NPOs and industry associations.

Award-winning plans and solution for sponsorship and events

The sponsorship events held in 2015, for The " Wearable_Banana" for Dole, won the International PR Association’s "Golden World Awards for Excellence" jointly with Dentsu Young & Rubicam as well as WOMMY Awards.