CSV/CSR as the core for social good

We help support CSV / CSR communications from formulating strategy to project execution as a one-stop agency.

Service Overview

Stakeholder engagement is key to successful CSR programs..

CSR is an important area of PR activities for sustainable business growth, and business purpose and brand purpose must be linked to social purpose.

In addition, since around 2011, the concept of CSV (creating shared value, creation of common values) has been the subject of attention.

To achieve CSV in practice, it is necessary to build good relationships with stakeholders so as to create new value for the company.

At Dentsu PR, we can provide a one-stop service to formulate strategy for corporate communications related to CSV / CSR, and cause-related marketing.


Key areas

We evaluate the CSV / CSR communication activities currently undertaken (through stakeholder surveys, and verify the current situation according to standards outlined in guidance documents, such as the ISO26000), and create a PR strategy based on the current CSR policy.

We then provide solutions in accordance with challenges arising from the current situation and according to the target stakeholders. (This includes producing PR materials such as CSR reports and a dedicated website, cultivating media relations and organizing events.)

Strengths of Dentsu PR

We help with PR needs from basic strategy to solutions as a one-stop agency.

In addition, we can respond to the different needs of various stakeholders such as providing operational support to internal operating committees, or building alliances with NGOs and NPOs.

  • We build networks with NGOs and NPOs and opinion leaders.
  • We leverage strong relationships with media reporters in the CSV / CSR area
  • We provide consulting and implementation by staff who are specialized in CSV / CSR.