Community Relations

We propose the best communication strategy to enhance understanding and consensus with local communities.

We help local governments, companies and organizations, create a dialogue with local communities, and help the two parties - with respect to conflicts of interests - to adjust and align their opinions with each other, and help to foster their continued mutual understanding.

We help build trust relationships with local communities, and conduct educational activities around the promotion of public policies - or around gaining the understanding of communities about public policies - and support building advocacy.


For companies to gain the trust of the residents of the communities that are the base of their operations - with respect to conflicts of interest - and to build advocacy, it is important to create a dialogue with the opinion leaders in the community and with the local media.

For the central government and local governments which are accountable to the local community, it is necessary, in pursuing their policies, to first listen to the voices of local residents.

We help with creating dialogues with communities, building advocacy among community residents, creating messages for the target audience and producing PR materials, such as local web sites, and leveraging social media for community engagement.


  • Survey of local residents and opinion leaders (Research & Analysis / PR strategy)
  • Media audit,
  • Creating plans for information dissemination and dialogue
  • Production of communication tools, platform creation, etc.

Key areas

Local community residents and opinion leaders surveys
We find local influencers and relevant channel and communication initiatives in each community.
Based on the needs of each community, we first study similar cases in other communities while getting advice from KOLs and propose comprehensive PR programs.
Information delivery and creating dialogue
The particular people who act as the driving force for activities in any community will vary.
To find those people, and to enlist their help to push the project forward, it is necessary to deliver information about the policy and create a dialogue.
By meeting local residents and encouraging an exchange of opinions, we can work towards building advocacy.