Communication Research

Insights and fore-sighting is a key to conduct strategic public relations. We have experts well-versed in public relations, who provide research and consulting as an integral part of strategic public relations activities.

  • Social Listening
  • Dentsu Buzz Research
  • Media Coverage Analysis
  • Media Audit
  • Public Relations Measurement
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Focus Group

Services Overview

At Dentsu PR, we undertake consulting for companies, based on thorough analysis of a client’s situation and making full use of various researches, such as media coverage analysis, media/expert interviews, stakeholder research, social listening, media/consumer reputation interviews, brand research, industry trends surveys and corporate brand surveys. For example, we conduct research to provide relevant information in conjunction with press release information, such as measurement of the effect of media exposure, and on the basis of these findings, maximize effective public relations problem-solving.


Our services can be divided into four areas. We propose the best plan from our lineup to meet your needs.

Marketing Research
We survey consumers’ demands, needs and awareness.
Data Content Surveys
We research data content to gather relevant information in relation to public relations activities.
PR Measurement
We deploy measurement and analytics to check in overall PDCA of public relations activities.
Qualitative and Listening Surveys
We collect consumers’ comments and other qualitative data to support our clients.


  1. ① From the standpoint of mass communications evaluation
    Media Audit
    → Consumers and media’s view / reputation
  2. ② From the standpoint of media evaluation
    Media coverage analysis
    → The tone of media reports → The amount of reporting → The amount of media influence
  3. ③ From the standpoint of your owned media
    Owned Media Evaluation
    → Reputation of the owned media
  4. ④ From the standpoint of stakeholders’ evaluation
    Stakeholder evaluation
    → reputation in the eyes of readers and customers
  5. ⑤ From the standpoint of social media
    Social Listening
    → Topics being shared on SNS
  6. ⑥ Comparing your company’s PR strengths
    Corporate Communications Strengths Survey
    → The strength of public relations and PR activities adequacy compared to others

Original Research and Analysis Program

We offer a variety of original analysis programs that were developed together with the Corporate Communications Strategy Institute. We propose the best plan from our line-up after analyzing what it is exactly that your organization is facing.

  • ・Corporate Communications Strengths Survey
  • ・Evaluation on Individual public relations staff’s abilities
  • ・Survey on crisis management capabilities
  • ・Survey on digital owned media evaluation
  • ・Survey on print media evaluation
  • ・Research consumers’ perception changes as a result of public relations activities
  • ・Risk tracking research
  • ・Brand recovery research
  • ・RRP (Reputation Reach Point) research

Key Areas

We have developed an indicator we call the RRP (Reputation Reach Point) that measures how many people have reached with information through public relations activities. Using SNS, we measure how widely information is disseminated among consumers using SNS. This is a new measurement indicator which combines SNS and news media impressions.

The Strengths of Dentsu PR

Our consultants have rich experience in the PR field, and take both "public opinion" and "the perspective of the media" into account in creating survey design. Our world-wide network of Dentsu group comes in effective when carrying out a number of global researches. We can undertake comprehensive consulting based on the PDCA cycle from survey method, identifying main issues, analysis, and solutions, to effect measurement.