Optimal solutions that combine various PR activities in a complex and three-dimensional manner based on a strategic PR perspective.

Service overview

Optimal answers for BtoC

We offer optimal solutions that combine various PR activities in a complex and three-dimensional manner based on the Dentsu Group's original strategic PR perspective, PR IMPAKT®.

  • Marketing PR consulting

    We carry out content creation and strategic PR design based on the strategic perspective, PR IMPAKT® used to maximize the information value unique to the Dentsu Group.

  • Marketing PR solutions

    We provide optimal PR solutions for consumer marketing by combining various PR activities based on strategic PR design in a complex and three-dimensional manner.


PR from every angle

We can formulate strategy from accurate analysis, and carry out PR from every angle including mass media, events, production, and advertisements, etc.

  • Strategy planning (1)

    【Marketing PR consulting】
    Research & analysis/PR strategy planning

  • Strategy planning (2)

    【Marketing PR consulting】
    New product launch strategy planning/renewal and existing product reminding strategy planning

  • Strategy planning (3)

    【Marketing PR consulting】
    Long-selling product vitalization strategy planning

  • Publicity

    【Marketing PR solutions】
    Analysis of targets and trends including TV/newspapers, magazine/web/publicity surveys, and PR content development, etc. Identification of media related to the target segment, and production of core message and story.

  • デジタル・コミュニケーションズ

    Digital communications

    【Marketing PR solutions】
    By combining traditional media relations for news media with web-based PR, we can create more engagement with the target audience.

  • PR events

    【Marketing PR solutions】
    We hold events for the media and create opportunities for them to cover. We assist with planning sampling, tasting, test ride, and preview events, etc. for the media so that articles and programs with more in-depth content can be reported.

  • PR products

    【Marketing PR solutions】
    We propose and produce various items such as company information documents, reports, catalogs, pamphlets, public relations magazines, and websites.

  • Content creation

    【Marketing PR solutions】
    PR content development. We backtrack from information diffusion and topicalization to create content from both PR and creative perspectives.

  • PRワイヤー

    PR wire

    【Marketing PR solutions】
    We distribute press releases to domestic and overseas media through our affiliated company, Kyodo News PR Wire. This service also provides support for photos and other multimedia. Video and photo content can also be distributed through the distribution network of major overseas news agencies.

  • 広告/アドバトリアル


    【Marketing PR solutions】
    Provision of brand advertisements/CSR advertisements/opinion advertisements/commercials. We carry out planning and context development from an editor’s point of view unique to a PR company to create advertorials that make the most of our editor’s reports, editing abilities and approach toward the medium.

  • 記者懇談会

    Press conferences

    【Marketing PR solutions】
    We hold press conferences to gain publicity and at the same time build a good relationship with the media.

Strengths of PR Consulting Dentsu

  • PR design capabilities (PR context development capabilities) based on the Dentsu Group's original strategic perspective, PR IMPAKT®
  • We have received numerous domestic and international awards in the BtoC field.