Building Stronger Corporate Brands

Consulting and Solutions to drive new demand for B to B firms

We offer the following services:

  • Broadening brand visibility among the general public
  • Developing new business areas that leverage your company’s resources
  • Building awareness and understanding of your company’s unique technology
  • Using a change in CEO as an opportunity to raise your company’s profile
  • Risk management and PR setup ahead of overseas expansion
  • Establishing actions to take in the event of a scandal involving your own company or clients


As B to B firms move beyond a reliance on major clients and intermediaries, they must establish a strong brand. We provide a wide range of services, from consulting that drives demand for B to B firms, to communications that serve to build or improve a corporate brand, to risk management.

We offer a comprehensive program of support for your activities, ranging from uncovering new business seeds, to positioning top management as leaders in your industry.


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Strengths of Dentsu PR

  • For B to B firms, like their counterpart BtoC companies, it is crucial to emphasize the quality of their technology and research in a way that broadens brand visibility. In order to maximize the reputation of your company, we leverage PR IMPAKT ®, Dentsu Group’s unique strategic plan, to compile information relating to your people, technology, products or business, and present that as part of a relevant narrative. Let us assist you in the planning and implementation of communications and strategic PR that presents a consistent message to stakeholders both in Japan and overseas.
  • It is also vital to enhance the communication skills of your company’s top leaders, the public face of the company. We provide support for leaders’ public speaking, from the development of a strong message, to delivery.
  • Additionally, we can respond to a range of needs, from internal communications to boost firms’ human resource development and communication capabilities, along with the planning skills of the staff on whom B to B firms rely, to a framework to protect firms’ reputation through risk reduction and other predictive and preventive measures.
  • As the Japanese government seeks to introduce policies to address issues including Japan’s low birth rate and aging population, and energy issues, we are seeking to develop new businesses and markets in response to this changing domestic agenda.

Past Cases

Electronics Manufacturer
Planning and implementation of communications initiatives in line with the medium-term management plan.
Precision Machinery Manufacturer
Survey on investor relations capability prior to listing on the stock market
Precision Machinery Manufacturer
Organized press conference and press meeting about a new technology
Telecommunication company
Government relations for telecommunications business.
Electronic Parts Manufacturer
Press conference to announce overseas business alliance
Raw Materials Producer
Press conference on development of a new product
Automotive Parts Manufacturer
Developed a corporate brand leveraging media coverage for overseas exhibition
Dairy Producer
Developed PR message for first entry into the Chinese market and product launch
Electronics Manufacturer
Produced company brochure and corporate video
Chemical/Energy Firm
Communication training for plant managers
Chemical Firm
Planned CSR strategy and organized an exhibition
Energy Firm
Produced annual report and sustainability report
Electronics Manufacturer/Telecommunications Company
Assisted with communications for system problems, etc.