Consulting & solutions
that create business demand for BtoB companies

We provide consulting and solutions that support the improvement of corporate brand power and
risk management power of BtoB companies.

We will respond to such requests.

  • Conveying the company's characteristic technologies, products and services.
  • Appealing the existence of the company following a change in president.
  • Improving the risk management/public relations system in Japan and overseas.

Service overview

Delivering appeal to companies

Even in BtoB companies, maintaining and strengthening the corporate brand plays an important role in business development.
We provide a wide range of services, from disseminating information that contributes to the establishment and improvement of a corporate brand to risk management.

  • From strategy planning to consulting

    We offer a wide range of programs such as strategy planning and various PR activities that contribute to the improvement of the corporate brand, support with strengthening and improving the communication skills of top management, and consulting on risk management.

  • Optimal solutions in various phases

    In addition to research and consulting to create businesses, we offer programs that support growth and co-creation.

    Discovery of business seeds, business matching support, business area consulting, communication consulting/market environment surveys, influencer/expert interviews, acceptance surveys, understanding of social trends, internal content, policy regulation research & consulting, risk assessment

    Leadership communication, PR event promotion, press conferences, publicity, strategic PR planning, reputation management, recruitment-related public relations, issue management, public affairs, crisis communication, BCP

    Business-related public relations, CSR/CSV, stakeholder dialogue, reputation management, CSR consulting, policy risk response

Strengths of PR Consulting Dentsu

Multidirectional support to become a strong company

Communication utilizing facts backed by technology and research achievements, etc., is indispensable for improving the corporate brand of BtoB companies.
We use methods such as PR IMPAKT® to support the discovery, story creation, and dissemination of information on people, technologies, products/services, businesses, etc.

  • Utilizing PR IMPAKT®, an original PR perspective to maximize reputation, we discover and create stories about people, technologies, products/services, businesses, etc.
  • We provide both domestic and overseas support with implementing everything from strategy planning to information dissemination for stakeholders.
  • We improve the communication skills of top management (leaders) who are the faces of the company. We provide support with public speaking to strengthen the information dissemination ability of top management, covering aspects from message development to speech and behavior.
  • We provide support with internal communication and training to spread the company’s philosophy to employees and strengthen their ability to disseminate information.
  • We provide a wide range of risk communication support to protect the reputation of BtoB companies, from identifying risk factors to formulating countermeasures.

Our work

  • Electronics manufacturer

    Planning and implementation of a public relations plan in its medium-term management plan.

  • Precision equipment manufacturer

    IR system survey for stock market listing.

  • Precision equipment manufacturer

    Press briefing/press conference on a new technology.

  • Telecommunications business

    Government relations in the telecommunications business.

  • Electronic component manufacturer

    Press conference following a global partnership.

  • Material manufacturer

    New product development press conference.

  • Car parts manufacturer

    Building of a corporate brand through coverage of overseas exhibitions.

  • Dairy manufacturer

    Development of a PR message for the company’s entry and product launch in the Chinese market.

  • Electronics manufacturer

    Company profile and corporate video production.

  • Chemical manufacturer/energy company

    Factory manager communication training.

  • Chemical manufacturer

    CSR strategy planning and exhibitions.

  • Energy company

    Annual report and environmental report production.

  • Electronic equipment manufacturer/information and communication company

    Response to system troubles, etc.