A PR perspective is especially essential in branding

We support companies and organizations in their communications activities to enhance their brand value, and the brand value of their products and services.


When organizations or universities or local communities merger, or when they embark upon new developments, along with the launch of new brands and new CI, there is a need to clarify the brand promise.
Branding is not simply about trademarks and logos; it is necessary to manage, in an integrated manner, the various attributes expected by customers.

We undertake various activities to enhance brand value including the positioning of companies, organizations, products and services, through both internal and external communications, and manage perception of target audience including employees.Based on the three key elements of brand portfolio, "product appeal," "human appeal," and "financial performance", we analyze a company’s business activities and work to promote brands from a PR point of view.
Brands for regions, cities or corporations cannot be created by simply making trademarks or logos; the whole branding process is important.

We assist in the total branding process by analyzing the external and internal environment around the brand, establishing a system that will make most effective use of the human and other resources, and creating key messages, corporate identity (CI), logos, copyrights, and even brand characters as well as elucidating the key concept of the brand,.
Three of the elements that make up the corporate brand and reputation: "product appeal," "human appeal," and "financial performance"

Branding: how we go about it

  • Survey (situation analysis / brand audit survey)
  • Planning of communication strategies
  • Creation of CI / VI, Production of communication tools
  • Collaboration with key opinion leaders
  • Media Relations,etc.

Key areas

  • Survey (situation analysis / brand audit survey)
  • Planning of communication strategies
  • Creation of CI / VI
  • Production of communication tools (owned media and contents)
  • Collaboration with key opinion leaders
  • Media Relations / Advertising
  • Events / Sponsorship
  • Website consulting

Strengths of Dentsu PR

Dentsu PR has won international awards in event/sponsorship categories multiple times with our creative event planning. We plan PR events based on a careful media audit so that our events are carried out with the media’s perspective in mind.