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A PR perspective is
essential in branding

We will respond to such requests.

  • Demonstration of new corporate value under a new company name
  • Company branding with the announcement of a new medium-term management plan
  • Raising new brand value with the anniversary of a long-selling product
  • Gaining understanding from people inside and outside the company about the synergistic effects created by a corporate merger

Service overview

Creating a stakeholder-sharing brand

We provide support with strategic planning and activities to increase the brand value of companies/organizations and products/services.

  • 3 elements for total branding

    There is an opportunity for improving brand value whenever a company merges, an organization/university gets integrated, a company name is changed, an anniversary is celebrated, or a new medium-term management plan is announced. Branding is not just about creating trademarks, but rather about managing the various elements that customers possess in an integrated manner, clarifying brand promises, and sharing them with various stakeholders. We clarify the positioning of companies/organizations and products/services, identify current issues through various surveys and analyses, and formulate strategies. We then develop internal and external activities based on those strategies.
    With emphasis on this branding process, in the first external and internal environmental analysis, we focus on commercial appeal, personal appeal, and financial appeal as the three elements that make up the corporate brand and reputation.
    Based on this, we provide total branding support by formulating a strategy, offering coordinated support with creating a system for vitalizing human resources and local resources, extracting key messages and concepts, and producing CI, logos, copies, characters, etc.

    Promoting branding from this kind of PR perspective leads to activities that enhance brand value, ranging from reshaping employee awareness to the perception management of the priority target.


  • 調査


    Key person interviews/situation analysis/target awareness surveys

  • ブランディング

    Communication strategy planning, establishment of CI/VI, appointment of key opinion leaders, events/sponsorships, website consulting

    <Communication design/production>
    Owned media/products

  • メディアリレーションズ

    Media relations/advertising

    We help you build good relationships with media reporters and editors, expand and maintain the relationships through several information disclosure activities of various kinds, and gain wide exposure.

Strengths of PR Consulting Dentsu

Optimization through accumulated expertise

Utilizing our experience as a comprehensive PR company, we provide full support with everything from branding strategy planning to activity support from a PR perspective.
We formulate strategies based on objective research and analysis, and present not only communication output but also communication plans for strategic thinking.
Our experienced staff members support both B-to-C and B-to-B clients.

  • PR Consulting Dentsu is highly acclaimed for its numerous domestic and international awards in the branding field.