Corporate Citizenship

Community Engagement

PR Consulting Dentsu hopes to continue fulfilling its duties to the community through contributions to organizations such as the Japan Guide Dog Association, Japanese Red Cross Society, funds for disaster-stricken area, and support of the Self Management Program for People with Chronic Diseases.

Sponsored PR programs

Compared to North America and Europe, PR is still developing in Japan. Though the need for public relations is rising, there are still very few educational institutions that offered structured educational programs. Since April 2004, PR Consulting Dentsu has offered a series of courses on public relations entitled “Corporate Management and Public Relations” at Rikkyo University Graduate School of Business Administration.

Environmental Initiatives

In June 2006, PR Consulting Dentsu earned ISO 14001:2004 (JISQ14001:2004) environmental management certification as a member of the Dentsu Group. As part of our continuing environmental initiatives, we have introduced Cool Biz, a government campaign encouraging lighter clothing in the summer, to curb CO2 emissions stemming from air conditioner usage, recycling garbage and the proactive use of recycled paper.

Privacy and Security

PR Consulting Dentsu is committed to keeping personal information and confidential corporate data it handles private and secure. In 2005, we earned ISO/IEC 27001:2005 information management certification.

PR Consulting Dentsu has also developed guidelines for its employees and external business partners to ensure they use social media responsibly.

Ethics and Conduct

PR Consulting Dentsu conducts mandatory programs to make sure that all employees comply with corporate and civil law. In addition, it upholds and abides by the Code of Conduct of International Public Relations Association and the Code of Ethics of Public Relations Society of Japan as its professional ethical guidelines.


PR Consulting Dentsu is dedicated to providing the best work environment for our employees.

Benefits for our employees

  • - PR Consulting Dentsu provides comprehensive health insurance, including employees bi-annual checkups and regular visits by a contracted doctor.
  • - PR Consulting Dentsu employees have access to resort properties owned by PR Consulting Dentsu, parent company Dentsu Inc., and a contracted resort management company.
  • - PR Consulting Dentsu implements flexible work hours for employees who have children under fourth grade in elementary school or care-giving obligations.

Fairness and Inclusion

PR Consulting Dentsu strives to create an environment where people with various backgrounds can work together by providing equal opportunities for all. This gives us a wider perspective to support our varied clientele.